A move that puts an individual in a position of victory and strength; a move that maximizes one’s happiness and allows for extreme freedom.


A group of women leaders and entrepreneurs coming together for a specific time period with specific goals to achieve success through the encouragement, feedback, accountability, and support of others in the group.

This mastermind and strategy group will help you to overcome challenges and obstacles, gain clarity on your objectives, build confidence, and consider new approaches to reaching your goals.

Each group, facilitated by Lisa Christine, is only 4-6 members, allowing for ample time to focus on each business and to develop a close-knit support network of other women.  Each group will meet locally, twice a month (in person and over the phone), for a period of 3-6 months.  Some groups are virtual and meet only via phone and online.

Tap into a power play network for 2017 and let the greater group accelerate your growth.

The Power Play Peer Mentoring Circle has been really great because it has helped me to focus on the things and the parts of my life that need more concentration.  And for my business, it has helped me build confidence and position myself correctly in the marketplace!

Susan MacPhee
Principal, Gesso Solutions

The Power Play Peer Mentoring Circle has been such a positive experience – I actually have decided I will continue the steps to creating a consulting business.  At the end of the Power Play Circle, I could very well find myself a full-fledged entrepreneurial woman. We are about five weeks into the three month session. I have found these sessions very helpful because we keep each other accountable, give constructive feedback,  and collaborate with each other (not compete).  If you are needing an additional stream of revenue, wanting to take your business to the next level, or become a woman entrepreneur, 28 Carrots is the place for you!

Lisa C.

When starting my own business, I knew it would be tough to get going, find clients and find talent. 28 Carrots has been instrumental in helping me network, meet new people and get myself out there in the local Newburyport area. The Power Play Peer Mentoring Circle has also helped me to set goals and attain them which, has kept me motivated and excited through all the ups and downs of building a business!

Nikki Raffenetti
Managing Partner, CARBON