Our Story

28 Carrots is an entrepreneurial feeder and community for like-minded women to gather together, inspire one another, and feed our innovative spirit.  With every great idea, we encourage and empower each other to create success.  We connect, network, and engage!

We wholeheartedly believe in collaboration over competition.

Come thrive with us!

The 28 Carrots community was formally launched in February 2010 as a local Boston North chapter of Downtown Women’s Club.  When Downtown Women’s Club closed its doors, Lisa Christine decided to re-brand to 28 Carrots, an entrepreneurial feeder for dynamic like-minded women.

Lisa Christine felt that women on the North Shore needed a support network where they could gather together and be open, honest and authentic in their conversations.  More importantly, these women would collaborate and not compete.  This unique gap opened the door to the launch of a membership focused organization allowing women to accelerate their personal and professional growth, learn, be accountable, and share resources so they can be their best.

By connecting with other high-caliber women in the community, women build confidence, encourage and inspire one another.  Members feed their innovative spirit and receive the collective empowerment and motivation to take action. It’s all about the greater group supporting you and providing that missing link to fueling your own economy thereby allowing you to accomplish well beyond what you can do on your own.  By tapping into the 28 Carrots community of women and resources, members celebrate taking risks, reaching goals, and achieving greater success.  A pledge to give and receive as well as imagine unlimited possibilities are all you need to be a part of the 28 Carrots community.

Whats in A Name?

The number 28 has always been an important number throughout Lisa Christine’s life. Over and over again, each day, the number continues to come up.  Lisa Christine takes this as a confirmation sign she is on the right path to lead and help women entrepreneurs become wildly successful and wildly blessed!

The Number 2 relates to divine life purpose and soul mission; while the number 8 relates to the qualities of manifesting wealth, abundance and prosperity; problem solving, achieving success, inner-wisdom, knowledge, stability and integrity. This makes 28 then the number of receptivity, partnerships, duality and attainment; as well as a number of wealth, authority, finances and leadership. And from a spiritual perspective: The word “Hallelujah” also appears 28 times in the bible!

Since childhood, our Founder, Lisa Christine, had a favorite book – “The Carrot Seed” by Ruth Krauss. This book teaches about patience, perseverance, and the technique of planting a seed and helping it grow. In other words, your great idea for your business is your seed. Planted yet or not planted, 28 Carrots helps women follow their passion and move forward with their “great ideas”!  Most importantly, 28 Carrots helps women to always follow that “gut, intuitive feeling” and never, ever give up!